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Davis Family Revolutionary War Records
Following are a number of old records, letters and orders found by Rozina P. Fairchild Davis during her research in the 1920s-30s. They make reference to Col. Richard Davis, Senior, who was about 50 years old in 1774. There is also mention of his four sons: Capt. Richard Davis, Junior (about 28), Capt. Rezin Davis (mid-twenties), Capt. Amos Davis (who was probably still a teenager and might have come in towards the end of the war), and Dennis Davis (who may have been younger still). There is also a letter from Genl. George Washington regarding Capt. Richard Davis who appears to have been a prisoner of war who set out for the "back country" once he was "paroled" which didn't seem to sit well with Genl. Washington.

[Note: Creative spelling of various words are as transcribed by Rozina from her sources]

Col. Richard Davis, Senior

"At a meeting of the inhabitants of Frederick Co. 'qualified to vote for representatives' held at the courthouse Friday the 18th of November (1774), the following resolutions were adopted:

"RESOLVED, that Henry Griffith, Allen Bowie, Brooke Beall, Basil Dorsey, Charles Warfield, Ephraim Howard, Thomas Cresap, Richard Davis Jr., George Brent, John Stull, Samuel Beall, Jonathan Hagar, Henry Snavely, Richard Davis -------- be a committee to represent this county and carry into execution the association agreed on by the American Continental Congress and that five have power to act.

"RESOLVED, that ------- John Stull, Samuel Beall, Richard Davis, Jonathan Hager ------ be a committee of Correspondence and that any five have power to act."
Scharff's History of Maryland, Vol. 2, p. 166

Jan. 24, 1775, Frederick Co.
"The Association met and Resolutions of the American Congress, and the proceedings of the last Provincial Convention were read and unanimously approved. Richard Davis Jr., Richard Davis -------- et al."

"The Committee on Correspondence was continued, -----

"RESOLVED, as the most convenient and effectual method of raising the sum of $1,333, being this County's proportion of the sum of $10,000.00 which the Provincial Convention has appointed to be raised for the purpose of Arms and Ammunition, that a subscription be immediately opened in every part of the County and that the following gentlemen be appointed to promote subscriptions in their several Hundreds:

Salisbury Hundred: Jonathan Hager, Henry Snavely ------
Shipton Hundred: Thos. Cresap, Moses Rawlings, Richard Davis Jr.
Marsh Hundred: Richard Davis Senior, Charles Swearinger ------ "

Scharff's History of Maryland, Vol. 2, p. 175

"Officers of Militia for the various Counties were as follows:
Frederick Co. Upper District, 2nd Battalion -- Dr. Samuel Beall, Col., Mr. Jos. Smith, Lt. Col., Mr. Richard Davis, 1st Major, Mr. Charles Swearinger, 2nd Major, Mr. Charles Chapline, Quarter Master."

Scharff's History of Maryland, Vol. 2, p. 195

From Minutes of the Committee of Observation the Middle District of Frederick Co. Maryland, Dec. 6, 1775:
"An account of Money received in Frederick County of Arms and Ammunition from the several persons appointed to take subscriptions:
Richard Davis: 3 pounds 1 s 9 d."
Maryland History Mag., Vol. 11, p. 62

List of Associators returned:
Basil Beall
Rezin Davis
Rezin Davis (his mark)
Robert Davis
Abraham Davis
Nathan Davis
Richard Davis
John Davis
Maryland History Mag., Vol. 11, p. 165-6

In 1776 Washington County was set off from Frederick County.

"Minutes of the Committee of Observation for Elizabeth Town District (Washington Co.) met for the first time on the 14th of Sept. 1775.

"ORDERED, that the following persons carry the Association to all freemen resident in the district and require their subscription to the same -----
Marsh Hundred: Richard Davis "
Maryland Mag., Vol. 13, p. 34

"Dec. 6th, 1775. An account of Arms and Ammunition Purchased in Frederick Co.
"An account of Money received in Frederick County for Arms and Ammunition from the several persons appointed to take subscriptions ---
Richard Davis: 3 pounds 1 s 9 d."
Maryland Mag., Vol. 11, p. 62

"Apr. 8, 1776. Richard Davis contributed 1 Blanket    1    0    0 "
Maryland Mag., Vol. 13, p. 34

Council of Maryland, Saturday 20 April 1776 Council met:

"Commissions issued to -----

"Also to Joseph Smith appointed Colonel of the 36th Battalion in the room of Samuel Beall who resigned, Richard Davis, Lieutenant Colonel -----"
Maryland Archives, Vol. 11, p. 356

"Sept. 18, 1776. The Committee for License of Suit meet:
"Ordered, that Col. Richard Davis, Steuart of Chew's Farm hath Complained to us that Sundry Tenants in said farm refuse to pay the rents already due or give security for the same, such Tenants are Ordered to Settle said Rents by Bond with security or Otherway we give said Col. Davis Power to Distrain for the same."
Maryland History Mag., p. 244

"Dec. 18, 1776. On complaint being made by Col. Davis against Christian Eversole for expressing sentiments inimical to the Safety of the United States ------ "
Maryland Mag., Vol. 11, p. 339

"Jan. 9, 1777. This is therefor to require you to use your endeavor to procure as many blankets as may be wanting and deliver them to Col. Smith who will have them appraised and make return thereof to this Committee. Directed to Col. Richard Davis ---- Amos Davies"
Maryland Mag., Vol. 13, p. 34

"Jan. 20, 1777. Resolved unanimously that Dennis Davis, son of Col. Richard Davis be exempted from marching with the Militia of this County for the present campaign." [Note from KSD: Dennis was probably about 10 years old at this time]
Maryland Mag., Vol. 13, p. 44

"Whereas, Col. Davis & Maj. Swearinger have made complaint that Axes are much wanting for the use of their Battalions, ordered that they or any person or persons by them deputed apply to such persons who can conveniently spare them, and collect four Axes to each Waggon under their command, and in case of Refusal to impress the same, have them appraised and make a proper return of the same."
Maryland Mag., Vol. 13, p. 45

"In Council, Annapolis
Wednesday 22 April, 1778

That the said Treasurer pay to Doctor Henry Schnebely three thousand Dollars out of the money remitted by Congress for the purchase of Provisions to be delivered over to Richard Davis for Purchaser in Washington County Acct."
Maryland Archives, Vol. XXI, p. 51

"In Council, Annapolis
Thursday 27 Nov. 1777

"Past on yesterday:
---------------------         --------------------
Richard Davis                    Washington County
---------------------         ---------------------  are appointed Collectors of Cloathing agreeable to the Act of the present Session of Assembly entitled 'Act to procure Cloathing for the Quota of this State of the American Army.'

"All goods collected in Saint Marys, Charles, Calvert, Prince George's and Ann Arundel Counties to be delivered at the City of Annapolis.

"Montgomery, Frederick and Washington Counties at Frederick Town."
Maryland Archives, Vol. XVI, p. 404

"In Council, Annapolis
March 25th, 1778.

"The following persons are appointed agents for Purchasing Provisions for the Army of the United States agreeable to an Act of Assembly passed the 23rd inst. ------ Washington Co. -- Richard Davis.

"In Council, Annapolis
March 25th, 1778
Council to R. Davis   CC

Inclosed you find Copies of an Act of the present Session of Assembly for collecting Provisions an appointment of you as an Agent for the Purpose. As a number of Prisoners will be kept at Fort Frederick and a Guard placed there over them we think it advisable for you to deposit the Provisions as convenient as may be to Fort Frederick. Col. Rawlings will deliver you this and we shall be glad you would concert Measures with him for collecting the Provisions above. We design he should have command of the Militia who may Guard the Prisoners and the Superintendence of the business at the Fort; his Acquaintance with things of this Nature makes it very proper, and we wish the Gent. of your County to do all they can towards enabling him to go through with it with Reputation to himself and the State.
            Richard Davis, Esq.                            We are &ca
                                                                    Maryland Archives, Vol. 16, p. 661

"In Council, Annapolis
22nd April, 1778


On complaint from several parts of the State of the price allowed for Provisions being too low, the Assembly has thought proper to pass a Law containing the enclosed Clause. It is impossible for us to ascertain the Prices 'til Enquiry can be made into what is given by the Continental Purchasers; but this need occasion no Difficulty in the Execution of your Office as you will be careful to keep an exact Account of the Provisions you collect and the estimated Weight of the live Cattel. The Addition may be easily made, according to what we may on Enquiry, find to be just, and the people may be assured that we shall do what we can to place them on, and not beyond an Equality with those of our neighboring States who supply the Army with Provisions.

Mr. Richard Davis                                  We are
Washington County                                    &ca
Maryland Archives, Vol. 21, pp. 51 & 52

"In Council, Annapolis
Saturday 20 June 1778

"Commissions issued to John Stulll, Joseph Sprigg , Samuel Height, Henry Schnebely, Joseph Chaline, John Barns, Richard Davis ----- appointed Justices of the County Court for Washington County."
Maryland Archives, Vol. 21, p. 141

"(Council to A. Faw and Others)
In Council 24th June, 1778


If you should have any Linen left after supplying the Recruits raised in your County, you will be pleased to let Col. Rawlings have so much as he may want for the Rifle Corps, taking his receipt for the same.

To Abraham Faw, Col. Richard Davis )
Henry Schnebey, Esq.                            )         We are &ca"
Maryland Archives, Vol. 21, p. 148

Capt. Richard Davis
(son of Col. Richard Davis, Senior)

"Officers of the two Rifle Companies that served before Boston in 1775, Capt. Michael Cresap, lst. Lt. Thos. Warren, 2nd Lt. Jos. Cresap, Ensign Richard Davis."
Maryland Archives, Vol. 18, p. 28

"Two companies of riflemen called for from Frederick Co., Michael Cresap appointed, Richard Davis Lt. 1st company, June 14, 1775. Before the close of July the companies were raised and arrived in camp in August."
History of Maryland by James McSherry, p. 152

"The Committee met on the 11th of November 1775 and agreed that ------------- Capt. Davis and ------------- be of the 2nd Battalion."
Maryland Mag.,, Vol. 12, p. 147

"In Council Annapolis
Oct. 26, 1776

Ordered that said Treasurer pay to Capt. Richard Davis, forty-six pounds ten shillings for Amt. Acct."
Maryland Archives, Vol. XII, p. 404

"4th Regt. John McBridge, Capt. Richard Davis' Company"
Maryland Archives, Vol. 18, p. 301

"4th Regt. Capt. Richard Davis' Company:
John Boerke, 3 yrs. On Detachment with Co. Pope Apl. '78, died at Monmouth Plains, June 28th '78."
Maryland Archives, Vol. 18, p. 302

"In Council Annapolis
Wednesday Sept. 1st, 1779

"Ordered that the western shore Treasurer pay to Capt. Richard Davis of the Rifle Battalion One Hundred and Fifty pounds due him by Resolution of the Gen. Assembly passed 1778, also further sum of One Hundred pounds for the use of Lt. Isaac McCrackin of the 6th Regiment due him by the same resolution. ------

"That the said Treasurer pay to the said Richard Davis of the Rifle Battalion two thousand for himself and two thousand dollars for Lieut. Isaac McCrackin of the 6th Regiment in liew of the Articles of the present Year allowed by said Act of Assy. -----

"That the said Treasurer pay to the said Capt. Richard Davis Fifty-four pounds due himself, also two hundred fourteen pounds eleven shillings and eight pence and Fifteen pounds for the use of Col. Lemuel Barrett p. Acct. passed by the Aug. Genl."
Maryland Archives, Vol. 21, p. 509

(General Washington to Gov. Johnson)
"Headquarters West Point
Aug. 26, 1779



I have the honor to enclose your majesty a list of sundry officers belonging to your State who have been in captivity and are reported by the Commissary of Prisoners as violating parole. A conduct of this kind so ignominious to the individuals themselves, so dishonorable to their Country and to the service in which they have been engaged and so injurious to those Gentlemen who were associated with them in misfortunate, but preserved their honor, demands that every effort should be taken to deprive them of the benefit of their delinquency and to compel their return. We have pledged ourselves to the enemy to do everything in our power for this purpose and in consequence I directed Mr. Beatty, Commissary of Prisoners to issue the summons which you will probably have seen in the public papers. But as it is likely to have a very partial operation, I find it necessary in aid of it to request the interposition of the executive powers of the different states to enforce compliance. Most of the persons never having been and none of them now being in Continental service, military authority will hardly be sufficient to oblige them to leave their places of residence and return to captivity against their inclination. Neither will it be difficult for them to elude a military search and keep themselves in concealment. I must therefore ask that your Excellency be pleased to take such measures as shall appear to you proper and effectual to produce their immediate return. This will be rendering an essential service to our Officers in general in captivity, will lend much to remove the difficulties which now lie in the way of exchanges, and to discourage the practice of violating paroles in future.
I have the honor to be
With the greatest respect and esteem
Your Excellency's
Most Obdt. hum Servt.
Geo. Washington "
Capt. Richard Davis         )
Lieut. William Piles              )
James Tool                          )
Jacob Carsdrop                   )

(Council to Commander of Fort Pitt)
"In Council Annapolis
16th Sept. 1779


We had the Honor of receiving a few days ago a letter from his Excellency Genl. Washington enclosing a list of four Officers belonging to this State who have been in captivity and are reported by the Commsry of Prisoners as Violators of Paroll. His Excy. desires such measures may be taken as shall appear proper and Effectual to produce their immediate Return. He remarks that this will be rendering essential Service to our Officers in General in Captivity, will tend much to remove the Difficulties which now lie in the way of Exchange and to discourage the practice of violating Parolle in future. Capt. Richard Davis of Washington County is one of the persons mentioned in this List. We understand that he has either set off or is on the point of setting off for the Back Country. He may probably call at Pittsburg, or at some post under your Direction and we have no Doubt your Inclination will be equal to your Power to compel him to appear before Genl. Washington by whom he will most probably be returned into Captivity.

Officer commanding at Ft. Pitt                            We are &ca"
Maryland Archives, Vol. 21, p. 528

(Council to D. Hughes)
"In Council Annapolis
16th Sept. 1779


We received the other day a Letter from his Excy. Genl. Washington dated the 26th of last Month enclosing a list of Officers who are reported to the Commsy of Prisoners, as Violators of Paroll, amongst them is Capt. Richard Davis who we hear is just about going into the Back Country. The Genl. desires that effectual Measure may be taken to produce their immediate Return. We should very reluctantly go into any Violence or Severity which might injure a young man who has fought in the Battles of America, might hurt his brother who has suffered a long Imprisonment, or a Father who has behaved as a good American and therefore first spoken to Col. Davis on the subject and expect if Capt. Davis has not set off we shall soon see him here. If he is gone to the Back Country we request you'll contrive the enclosed to Pittsburg unless in Conversation with Col. Davis there is good reason to expect him soon back.

Danl. Hughes Esq.      )                                  We are &ca "
Lt. Washington Co.     )

Capt. Rezin Davis
(Son of Col. Richard Davis, Senior)

"Oct. 25, 1780
Officers exchanged from the 24th of March 1777
Ensign Rezin Davis ------------------------ Rawlings."
Maryland Archives, Vol. XVIII, p. 616

"Officers whose Accounts were Settled.
Rank                        Name                 Served Between
Capt.                   Reazin Davis            Aug. 1, 1780 & Jan. 1, 1782
   Jan. 1, 1782 & Jan. 1, 1783
   Jan. 1, 1783 & Nov. 15, 1783"

Maryland Archives, Vol. 18, p. 519

"Officers in the Maryland Part of the Rifle Regiment Supernuminary -----------------
Capt. Reazin Davis                                27 July 1780"

Maryland Archives, Vol. 18, p. 365

Amos Davis
(Son of Col. Richard Davis, Senior)

"Commissions issued to ---------------------- Capt. Amos Davis to the 2nd Battalion of Militia in Washington County."
Maryland Archives