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The Davis-Bean Trees
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 You have arrived at the Davis-Bean Trees Home Page, the main entrance to my genealogy website. This website along with the linked Family Genealogy Pages are a work in progress, which will probably always be "under construction." You can expect to find gaps and errors here and there in the data and information I have collected on "my people." I continue to enter information I have and to carry on research looking for more information on these often elusive ancestors of ours. If any visitors are able to help fill in some of those gaps, I would be real happy to hear from you.

These are the main families I'm concentrating on: Alden, Ballard, Bean, Davis, Fairchild, Garvin, Gregg, Hanks, Hilton/Hylton, Howland, Kingman, Lewis, Lumley, Marsh, McMillan, O'Bryan, Pierpont, Sherard, Stilson, Warfield, White, Wood, and Utterback.

Here is a link to take you to the Genealogy Pages where you will find my relatives and ancestors, and perhaps some of your own there too; they go back 800 or 900 years in some cases. Where I have them, the usual names, birth and death dates are shown, along with some photos, and any other information I could find that might flesh the folks out a bit. To add some perspective, the Main page has a short history of the early days, circa 1600, when our ancestors first arrived in America.

 Much of the information for our ancestors is based on some 80 years of research, starting in the 1920s and 1930s with the work of two of my great grandmothers Rozina Phebe Fairchild Davis and Ella S. Gregg Bean (who you can see to the left) and continuing up to today with me carrying on the research they started. I must give lots of credit and thanks to another of Rozina Fairchild's great grandchildren, Gretchen Louise Bradfield, who has shared a lot of her massive research and information with me in recent years. If you click on the names of the "ladies to the left" you will be taken directly to their genealogy pages.

 Sources have been included if I have them, though there is much that has not been proven to my satisfaction and has yet to be verified. Please verify any information you might use for your own records as there's a lot I can't guarantee to be correct. I would love to know if you find any connections to your own research, if you would like to share information, or about any errors or omissions you find in my data.

I also intend to include a section for family histories, stories, and bits and pieces of information I've found, along with some things the great grandmothers and others wrote; some family photo galleries; documents, such as wills and patents, and other pertinent papers; and some links to genealogy sites I like. I'll be adding and updating data on a regular basis for some time to come, so check back.

I hope you enjoy the website and that while you're here you might come across interesting or useful information about your own ancestors. I would enjoy hearing your comments, so don't hesitate to contact me -- click the Envelope to find an e-mail form to me, as well as my Guest Book.

  Happy Ancestor Hunting, Cousin!  
Kerry Suzanne Davis

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